I design & build.


Bespoke Websites Designed & Built with perfection


Logo's, Documents & Graphics Designed


hours w/ adobe creative cloud, wordpress & coding

I’m a media, graphic design, web development and music professional with many, many (too many) years of experience.

I live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland but in my time I have also worked in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m married to Chelsea and have an awesome cat named Gizmo.

I specialise in designing and developing websites, user interfaces and digital products. I don’t restrict myself to design. The blend of design, marketing, and business is where I feel I excel. Design should translate into economic value for the products/services of your business.

Through research and insight into the audiences your business is serving, I can help to identify the values of your target clients. Then, by developing branded aesthetics and the right marketing strategy, your audience will enjoy the best user experience.

During my years, I have taught myself to code in multiple languages and I would consider myself a WordPress expert. This allows me to put my marketing and design vision in place exactly as I have it in my head. I know the possibilities and restrictions of user interfaces, websites & design constraints and can work with a team just as well as working by myself.

I’m available today. If you would like to hire me for your project or to work in your team get in touch!